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Between the Panels - signed paperback


Image of Between the Panels - signed paperback

Emma is a geek girl. Raised on superheroes and sci-fi, she'd held a lifelong love of all things geeky. All she wanted was to indulge her geek side and get some comics signed by her favorite writer. She'd had a mission and wasn't going to get distracted.

Scott works at Emma's local comic shop. He's friendly, cute, and has no problem making sure everyone gets what they're looking for, even if they're not entirely sure what that is. He hadn't meant to be a distraction.

The more she visits the shop the more Emma starts to enjoy Scott's company, eventually asking him for coffee. Emma hadn't been expecting to get anything more than a handful of back issues, but Scott might just be more than she's bargained for.

This is a signed paperback, price includes shipping.